A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Please play at 1920x1080 resolution!

Your Beehive is under attack by a bear and you and your swarm needs to make their way through the forest back to the hive to save your fellow bees. But the forest is a dangerous place for a group of bees. Flies, Spiders, Dragonflies and Hornets are in your way. Evade, or get rid of them to get back to the beehive in time to save it from the bear.

Please consider posting your high score in the "Manual Entry High Score Leader Board" in our community down below. There you can also leave comments and report problems.

Beelonging was made by Group Lycanthrope during our game design education at Uppsala Universitet Campus Gotland. It is based on a concept by Group Ouroboros, which was also realized by another group (Mimic). To see their interpretation of the concept go here. Group Ouroboros also made a game and you can play it here.

Group Lycanthrope consists of:

  • Elias Faltin (Producer)
  • Fredrik Henriksen Lövlie (Lead Programmer)
  • Adam Olsson (Programmer)
  • Petra Aderlund (Lead Artist)
  • Mattias Borgqvist (Lead Sound; Artist)
  • Karl Lindkvist (Lead Design)


Beelonging_Setup.exe 35 MB
Beelonging_1.1_Mac.app.zip 48 MB